EUSS Family Permit. Dependent parent

You may be granted an EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit if you are the dependent parent of a Swiss or EEA citizen (or of their spouse) who has been granted settled or pre-settled status in the UK, if the family relationship existed before 31 December 2020 and continues to exist at the date of application.

Being a “dependent” parent means that you cannot meet your essential living needs (in whole or in part) without the financial or other material support provided to you by your child living in the UK (or by your child’s spouse). There is no need to determine the reasons for that dependence or for the recourse to that support.

Your dependency on your child or on their spouse must exist at the date of application and must be demonstrated for any application submitted after 1 July 2021, unless your spouse or durable partner with whom you reside has been granted an EUSS Family Permit or settled or pre-settled status as a dependent parent of your child or of your child’s spouse (and the family permit / status has not been revoked or otherwise ceased to be valid).

The Home Office guidance states that you may prove your dependency, for example, with a letter from a hospital consultant, that you need and receive the personal care of your child (or of their partner) on serious health grounds. Or that your child (or your child’s spouse) sends money regularly to you by bank or via a money transfer service.

Your child (or their spouse) must have been resident in the UK before 31 December 2020 and must have been granted settled or pre-settled status on this basis. Their settled or pre-settled status must not have lapsed or been cancelled, curtailed, revoked or invalidated. You must provide in your application for an EUSS Family Permit the reference number of the application for settled or pre-settled status made by the person you join (a 16-digit number).

You must not be a British citizen. You may be Swiss, EEA (a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, or a citizen of Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein), or a non-EEA citizen. If you are a Swiss or EEA citizen, you can apply directly for pre-settled status from outside the UK, without applying for an EUSS Family Permit first.

You must apply for pre-settled status within 3 months of your arrival in the UK if you wish to remain in the UK after the expiry date of your EUSS Family Permit.

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