EUSS Family Permit. Application refused. Deportation order

Your application for an EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit will be refused where at the date of decision you are subject to a deportation order or to a decision to make a deportation order.

What is a deportation order? It is an order requiring you to leave and prohibiting you from entering the United Kingdom.

This may be the case where you committed offences and your removal from the UK is conducive to the public good.

A deportation order may be made against you if you have been convicted of an offence, if you have been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of a certain length, or if you are involved in serious and organised crime (drug trafficking, human trafficking, organised illegal immigration, child sexual exploitation, high value fraud and other financial crime, counterfeiting, organised acquisitive crime, or cyber crime).

Deportation is the appropriate course of action against you if and when you were in the UK. If you had left the country before the deportation process was finalised, and you are believed to be outside the UK, a decision to exclude you will be taken instead.

Your situation is the same if you are the subject to a deportation order made in the Island of Guernsey, in the Island of Jersey, or in the Isle of Man.

If the deportation order has been set aside or no longer has effect at the date of the decision on your application for a Family Permit, your application will not be refused based on the fact that a deportation order was made against you at some point in the past.